50 Goals for my 50th Year

Having a birthday often causes us to reflect on who we are, what we have achieved and what we have yet to accomplish in our lives.  When it’s a birthday that ushers in a new decade, that tendency is even stronger.

With that in mind, in honor of my upcoming 50th birthday, I decided to create a list of 50 things that I would like to prioritize or achieve this year.  The items on the list are things that I hope will broaden my horizons, strengthen my gratitude, and make me a better person.  Like a fine wine, I would like to improve with age. 🙂


  1. Take a cooking class.
  2. Read a classic novel.
  3. Read the biography of someone I admire.
  4. Eat more vegetables.
  5. Watch a documentary about something I know little about.
  6. Learn the basics of a foreign language.
  7. Volunteer more.
  8. Grow vegetables from seed.
  9. Meditate more frequently.
  10. Take a photography class.
  11. Forgive someone, even if I don’t want to.
  12. Write more thank you notes.
  13. Spend less time on social media.
  14. Spend at least one day a month technology-free.
  15. Try a new form of exercise.
  16. Express gratitude every day.
  17. Give more hugs.
  18. Give myself a compliment every day.
  19. Give someone else a compliment every day.
  20. Travel somewhere new.
  21. Watch a classic movie I’ve always wanted to see.
  22. Admire a sunrise.
  23. Admire a sunset.
  24. Take a trip to somewhere in my state that I have never been.
  25. Go for a hike and have a picnic.
  26. Call an old friend just to talk.
  27. Get rid of things I no longer need and donate them to someone who does.
  28. Have a “date day” with each of my daughters.
  29. Practice mindfulness.
  30. Make a successful sourdough starter.
  31. Laugh more.
  32. Take time to appreciate the beauty in things.
  33. Eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  34. Publish something new.
  35. Research and learn more about my family history.
  36. Give someone a gift for no reason.
  37. Give a gift anonymously to someone I know is having a hard time.
  38. Take part in an event for a cause that I believe in.
  39. Go to a cultural event to learn about another culture.
  40. Listen more in all of my conversations.
  41. Donate to a cause I believe in.
  42. Tell others what I appreciate about them.
  43. Take a college course about a subject I’m interested in.
  44. Make a new friend.
  45. Take myself on a date and do anything I want for the day.
  46. Do something that I enjoyed doing as a child.
  47. Have a romantic, candlelight dinner with my husband.
  48. Keep an open mind when I disagree with someone (#40 should help with this!).
  49. Take an art class.
  50. Tell someone “I love you” every day.

Some of these will be easy to check off, and some I will need to work at consistently and won’t be able to check off until the end of the year. To help me stay on task and succeed, I am setting weekly goals around the items on the list. I will post updates, so follow along with me as I work toward accomplishing them all.  Better yet, use my list or create your own, and let’s do this together!


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