Stay Healthy in Any Situation with an Emergency Wellness Kit

You’ve decided to improve your diet and things are going well.  You’ve got a good routine and there are healthy groceries at home just waiting to be transformed into a nutritious meal.

But today was rough.  You had no breaks and your last meeting of the day went late – really late.  You’re starving.  And your favorite candy bar is taunting you from the vending machine.

Situations like these can derail anyone.  Hunger, stress, and fatigue can be powerful forces to overcome when you’re trying to change habits.

To set yourself up for success, create your own emergency wellness kit.  Read on for help putting one together, so that you can stay on track no matter what life throws your way.


How to Create a Wellness Kit

The first step in creating your kit is to set aside some time to think through your biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining your health and wellness goals.  Do you choose unhealthy snacks or skip exercise when you’re overscheduled and strapped for time? Do you struggle with stress and frustration because you’re often stuck in traffic and running late? Make a list of the situations you may encounter and the ways that you cope with them.

Next, read through the following list of suggestions and choose items that will help you take the best care of yourself in those situations.  Once you’ve chosen your items, put them into the container of your choice and put it somewhere you’ll have easy access to it, like your car.

1. Healthy, non-perishable snacks.

  • High-quality items with whole food ingredients that will keep for long periods of time are best. Ideas include protein bars, fruit leather or dried fruit, or nuts.  Choose things you like, otherwise, you may still fall victim to that vending machine candy bar!


2. Bottled water or unsweetened tea.

  • Feeling thirsty or tired can cause you to crave junk food or sugary beverages.  Make a better choice by keeping water or unsweetened tea easily accessible.  Simply drinking water can give you a natural energy boost, but if you’re looking for something more, tea has many health benefits and some varieties have caffeine.


3. Journal and pen

  • Keeping a journal is a great tool for dealing with stress, so keeping one handy can be helpful when a difficult situation arises away from home.  You can also download a free journaling app like Penzu to your smartphone if you prefer.


4. Stress ball.

  • This is a great option for when you’re stuck in traffic (and able to have one hand off the wheel safely).  Try a lavender scented one for double stress-busting capability.


5. Book or list of inspiring quotes.

  • Buy a book of inspiring quotes or create a list your personal favorites.  Look at it when you need an extra dose of motivation.

6.  Your wellness vision.

  • A wellness vision is a powerful tool for connecting you with the reasons you want to make changes in your life.  If you don’t have one, click here for my article on how to create one.  Keep a written copy in your wellness kit to refer to when you need it.

7. Running shoes.

  • Keeping a pair of running or walking shoes in your car makes it easy to get in some exercise when you might not otherwise have a chance.  Even 10 minutes spent being active can be beneficial.

8. Meditation app.

  • The list of health benefits associated with meditation continues to grow.  Download a free app to your smartphone so that you can have access to simple, guided meditations to help you through any situation.  For a list of apps to try, check out my article here.

One of the keys to success in achieving your goals is to plan for the inevitable obstacles and challenges.  Keeping an emergency wellness kit is a great way to be prepared when you hit a roadblock.  Just be sure to assess your kit regularly to make sure it is well-stocked.





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