I contacted Carrie because I felt “stuck”.  I was looking for ways to become more motivated and clear as to what direction I should and wanted to be heading in my life. I felt that I should be doing more for myself but I was consumed with fear. I had put a lot of things on hold for various reasons and I wanted to now take time for me. I wanted help and encouragement to identify my goals and recognize the importance of them for my own personal growth.

Carrie helped me first and foremost by listening! She really wanted to hear what was important to me. She took the time to listen to what I was saying and to gently guide me in a direction where I could realize what it was I really wanted to achieve. Afterwards, we broke everything down into goals and then confidence level of completing those goals where I could be realistic, (I found it easy to be honest). There was no pressure, no shame. I loved the weekly check-in where we would spend time re-evaluating my weekly goals as she guided and encouraged me. I cannot thank her enough!

The result was amazing! I was able to take the steps I needed without feeling as if I was overwhelmed. It was at a pace I felt that I could handle and that I would be able to follow through with so that I would not be overwhelmed and give up like I have so many times before. I was able to get closer each time to what I wanted to accomplish without feeling rushed. As a result, I have been able to reach some very important goals that I was in fear of for so long which makes me more determined to continue this process. Carrie’s help was invaluable to me, she was so positive and upbeat. I really felt like I had a champion cheering me on as I met each one of my goals!

I liked setting weekly goals and prioritizing them. It really made it easier to do things in small chunks rather than looking at some huge laundry list of “to-do” where I would have been easily overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear. Setting these in increments allowed for me to reach each goal and feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I’m heading in the right direction.

I found the experience completely rewarding! I felt like congratulating myself and did many times each time I met a goal and kept moving forward with others that I had made – it gave me a sense of pride.

I would recommend Carrie to people who need (want) to find a way to start believing in themselves and making the most of their lives by following their dreams and by taking time to pay attention to what they truly want. She really makes you feel that you can attain anything.

AJ, California